Implementing  Covid 19  Public Health Measures 

  • Hand washing station near the Market entrance, and hand sanitizing station at entrance and exit;

  • Produce that will be selected and bagged by the farmer vendors only, and special queuing lines for each vendor with adequate social-distancing space;

  • Modified layouts to ensure 10 feet or more between vendor booths to allow for greater circulation and distance;

  • Monitored and controlled market entrance to control capacity and foot traffic;

  • No sampling or prepared food until further notice;

  • No touching of the products, and the Farmers will assist patrons; and

  • No music, entertainment, or public seating areas.

How Can You Make the Most of the New Farmer and Agricultural Product Market 

We are encouraging shoppers to make a list before going to the market; designate one shopper per household; bring reusable bags, but be aware that you will be the only one touching them, and stay home if you are sick or if you’ve been in contact with someone who is sick.


Due to the Public Health measures we and the limited access to the market shoppers are are being asked to shop “quickly and efficiently.”


In order to minimize impacts to the neighbors on 1st Street East, all  visitors to the Market are asked to park in the Veteran’s Memorial Building parking lot via the entrance off of First Street West and not to park on First Street East. 

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The weekly Farmer and Agricultural Product Only  Market is located at the Sonoma Plaza 

No. 1 The Plaza

Sonoma, CA 95476




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